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Paul Roberts, Esq.

As the managing partner of Protect it! IP, LLC, I break down the complicated legal, technical, and financial aspects of determining whether to move forward with an invention, and distilling it down into a concise, simple explanation for my clients (or for a jury). In other cases, I have to interpret my client’s high level instructions, and construct specifications and design requirements to have that project completed by companies that require granular level instructions (could be a prototype, software build-out, infringement search, etc.)

In my years of practice, I have represented software companies like Google, EPCglobal, MIT RFID Lab, Hitachi, Apple, Sun Microsystems, Drupel, and Oracle in a wide variety patent matters including defense litigation, patent prosecution, open source licensing, and patent licensing. Before becoming an attorney, I worked in-house as a patent agent for Checkpoint systems, a worldwide manufacturer of RFID technology. While at Checkpoint, I built new RFID systems for which I was awarded three US patents.

I began my career in patent law as a patent examiner for the USPTO examining patents on surgical robotics, diagnostic tools, and method. Today, I provide counseling on topics ranging from patent licensing and product development to patent valuation and patent preparation. I help companies determine the viability of a potential product based on related patents of that potential product and use that information in combination with expected profit margins and customer purchase decisions to provide product potential.

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