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  • A law firm that believes that ideas are personal in nature, and that each deserves a custom approach towards protection. This is true whether protection come from patent, trademark, copyright, or trade secret.
  • A law firm that understands that protection costs money, and so it writes its patent applications with the end game in mind, sales and licensing.
  • A law firm that explains at the forefront how enforcement, detection, damages, and profits work, so you can decide whether your company needs a patent.
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  • Full support on your IP issues, from vendor agreements and licensing to prosecution, valuation, and enforcement
  • A pricing structure customized for small to medium size businesses · A mind-frame that every idea should be treated individually
  • Step by step explanations of the legal process to help you understand how protection can be obtained, what it costs, and how it can be monetized.
  • Easy to understand and frank advice on all aspects of intellectual property protection, enforcement, and monetization.
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  • Explanation of the options available to obtain intellectual property protection for your idea or business with the wisdom to know when they should be cost effectively employed
  • Drafting and prosecution of US and worldwide patent applications covering your idea
  • Assistance with securing prototyping and development of your idea
  • Preparation of schematics, specifications, and process flow diagrams· Drafting and negotiating contracts for vendors, retailers, and wholesalers
  • Assistance with marketing your product on the internet· Drafting and negotiating licenses for your idea
  • Enforcement of your rights against infringers
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  • Business methods, webmarketing, websites, and search engine technology
  • Computer software, hardware, and semi-conductors
  • Energy, solar, and oil technology
  • Smart phones, apps, and wireless communications
  • Medical devices and surgical methods
  • RFID, access control, encryption, security, inventory management
  • Fitness and exercise equipment (electronics and mechanical devices)
  • Automotive, engines, navigation, music, and electronics
  • Cosmetics and visual arts
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