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Joel Liu

Joel Liu

I am now looking at the possibility of inventing a kind of toothbrush that has re-useable handle, you could keep the handle when disposing the brush, so plastic would be saved.  I have no background for the industry, no experience in the design softwares, could you advise me how I should start off and make it happen? Thanks.

People get patents on simple items like tooth brushes all the time. Much of patentability turns on the details of your invention, which you did not include in your description. So, no one can say based on the information you provided, whether you invention is patentable or not. What you need is more information, and I recently did a radio show on the basic tenants of patentability. You can listen to that presentation here. Just click on “patents 101 Podcast.” It’s 100% free.

My firm offers a model search and analysis which we could leverage to find out quickly whether your idea has already been patented. That search is $750, and the terms of the search are available here. Best of luck in your endeavor.