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  1. You send us a copy of all your documents, pictures, marketing materials, and previously filed applications.
  2. We’ll email you our custom invention disclosure form to help you provide any additional details on your invention
  3. We’ll email you our custom formalities form that will help us spot any complications that can raise the filing cost.
  4. We’ll schedule a meeting or video teleconference with you, and you explain all the details of your invention.  You’ll show us videos, CAD drawings, charts, whatever you think is relevant.  We’ll drive the call and gather all the information we can during the call.
  5. We’ll use that information to determine how many inventions you have, how complicated they are, how much work you’ve already done.
  6. We’ll ask you where you want patent protection, whether you want a prior art search, and when you need to have the patent filed.
  7. Then, we’ll talk budget… effectively we’ll get your thoughts on what pricing tiers you’d like us to provide.  For example, companies often ask us for a 7K, 11K, and 14K budget.
  8. We’ll take all the information from items 1-7, and provide you our Triple-Tier Patent Filing Estimate.  The estimate is typically about two pages and will describe in detail, what is included in each price tier, how long it will take to do, what the value of the additional work in the higher tier, and what our recommendation is based on the information you provided.
  9. We’ll schedule a call with you to go over the Triple-Tier Patent Filing Estimate, and get your decision on which Tier you want to go with.
  10. We’ll prepare an engagement letter in accord with your selection, and we’ll get started with preparing and filing your application.
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So how much does it cost?

The service is $1800 and preparing the Triple-Tier estimate usually takes about 4 hours to prepare.  We will offer you a credit of $1200 towards your patent application if you purchase the Triple-Tier Estimate and then hire Protect it! IP to write and file your patent application.

Can I get any discounts? $1800 seems like a lot

We will apply up to $1200 of that cost towards filing a patent application for you. Meaning that if you engagement Protect it! IP to file a patent application for you and your order the Triple Tier Filing Estimate, we will credit your account with $1200 to be applied towards drafting your application. We will also wind up using the work we did in the estimate in preparing your application, which saves legal costs. In the end, if your file your application with Protect it! IP, the Triple Tier Filing Estimate won’t cost you very much at all.

Do I need this service if I want to file a patent?

No, but it’s highly recommended.  If you already know how much you’d like to spend, we can scope your project based on your budget.  There is no extra cost if you specify the budget.

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